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Meet the team

The PolySwarm Team is composed of InfoSec veterans with decades of experience in government and industry. We’re driven to improve the threat intelligence landscape for ourselves, our clients and the industry at large. By providing robust incentives that align participants’ interest with continued innovation, PolySwarm will break the mold of today’s iterative threat intelligence offerings.

All PolySwarm Founders and Co-Founders are also members of Narf Industries, LLC, a boutique information security firm specializing in tailored solutions for government and large enterprises. Narf operates on the cutting-edge of InfoSec, blockchain and cryptographic research, having recently completed a blockchain-based identity management project for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as well as several cutting-edge partial homomorphic encryption projects on behalf of DARPA.

PolySwarm Team
Cat Foley Director of Growth
Colin Seale Blockchain Security Engineer
Yiting Yu Business Development
Tetsu Yamamoto Country Manager, Japan

Meet our advisors

PolySwarm is fortunate to be advised by world-renowned information security experts hailing from both industry and academia. Our adviser list is growing quickly; check back soon for updates.

Mark Tonnesen Former CIO, McAfee
Carl Hoffman Founder & CEO, Basis Technology
Dan Guido Co-Founder & CEO, Trail of Bits
Dinesh Dhamija U.K.Entrepreneur, Deputy Treasurer of U.K.'s Liberal Democratic Party; Founder, Former CEO & Chairman, Ebookers.com
Stephen Gill Former Co-Founder, Chief Scientist, & Fellow at Team CYMRU; Former Co-Founder & Moderator NSP-SEC; Former Sr. Network Scientist Cisco Systems
Alberto Bacó-Bagué Founding Director, Partnership for Modern Puerto Rico; Principal Owner ABB Capital, LLC; Secretary of Economic Development & Commerce & President of Government Development Bank Puerto Rico
Chris Eagle Author, IDA Pro Book; Sr. Lecturer, Naval Postgraduate School