PolySwarm Advisers

PolySwarm is fortunate to be advised by world-renowned information security experts hailing from both industry and academia.

PolySwarm’s adviser list is growing quickly; check back soon for updates.

Mark Tonnesen

Former CIO, McAfee

Dinesh Dhamija

U.K. Entrepreneur, Deputy Treasurer of United Kingdom’s Liberal Democratic party, founder and former CEO and Chairman of ebookers.com

Dan Guido

Co-Founder & CEO,
Trail of Bits

Chris Eagle

Author, IDA Pro Book
Senior Lecturer, Naval Postgraduate School

Carl Hoffman

Founder & CEO, Basis Technology

Lior Messika

Serial Entrepreneur, Founder and President of Eden Block, Founder of Eden Labs and EdenEd.

Noam Levenson

Co-Founder and CEO of Eden Block, Co-Founder of Eden Labs and EdenEd. Influencial DLT author

The PolySwarm Team

The PolySwarm Team (PolySwarm Pte. Ltd.) is composed of InfoSec veterans with decades of experience in government and industry. We’re driven to improve the threat intelligence landscape for ourselves, our clients and the industry at large. By providing robust incentives that align participants’ interest with continued innovation, PolySwarm will break the mold of today’s iterative threat intelligence offerings.

All PolySwarm (Co-)Founders are also members of Narf Industries, LLC, a boutique information security firm specializing in tailored solutions for government and large enterprises. Narf operates on the cutting-edge of InfoSec, blockchain and cryptographic research, having recently completed a blockchain-based identity management project for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as well as several cutting-edge partial homomorphic encryption projects on behalf of DARPA.

As a vote of confidence, Narf plans to develop products and services that serve the PolySwarm market. We expect fierce competition on many fronts, to the benefit of enterprises and defenders everywhere.

Steve Bassi

CEO, Developer, Founder

Steve previously founded Narf Industries, an information security R&D firm, with marquee clients from DARPA to members of the Fortune 500. He brings over 20 years of experience in Information Security focused development. He previously served in lead roles in a variety of projects for Government and Industry including: software development for advanced incident response, blockchain-based identity management R&D, and development of cutting-edge program analysis tools for DARPA’s CGC. Previously, he competed in several DEF CON Capture The Flags as a member of Sk3wl of R00t.

Paul Makowski

CTO, Developer, Co-Founder

Paul brings over 10 years of experience in modern software exploitation, program analysis, vulnerability research, reverse engineering, cryptography, and low-level development.

Prior to co-founding PolySwarm, Paul reverse engineered and wrote bespoke malware disinfection tools for Fortune 100 clients. Paul has conducted cutting-edge research on partial homomorphic encryption as it applies to protecting network signatures and programs and has co-designed a confidentiality system for a public / private hybrid blockchain for identity management on behalf of the US Department of Homeland Security.

Paul has led cutting-edge information security research and development efforts in both private and public sectors, has identified exploitable vulnerabilities in defensive tools as a Vulnerability Analyst for CERT/CC, served as a web application security engineer for McAfee and won DEF CON's CTF competition.

Paul holds a BSc in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University and a MSc in Information Technology and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Ben Schmidt

CSO, Developer, Co-Founder

Ben brings over a decade of experience in information security to the table, having led research on automated program analysis, malware reverse engineering, secure software development, cryptography, cryptocurrency, and vulnerability analysis.

Having won multiple CTFs, including DEF CON, Ben continues to participate in hacking competitions today, staying at the cutting edge of reverse engineering and software exploitation. At Narf, he made use of this experience in his work on DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge, helping to develop and secure a game with millions in prizes that tested the state-of-the-art in program analysis.

It’s not all fun and games though: throughout his career, Ben has uncovered hundreds of vulnerabilities in an impressive range of products, including widely-used open source products, hugely popular web applications, security-critical embedded devices, and multiple mobile platforms. He authored many source and binary analysis tools to aid in his research, ensuring that future bugs can be found quickly and efficiently.

Ben holds a BSc and MSc in Computer Science from the University of Tulsa.

Nick Davis

COO, Developer, Co-Founder

Nick brings substantial experience leading enterprise teams in the performance of real-world, large-scale digital forensics, malware reverse engineering, adversarial hunting, threat analysis and incident response.

As a Narf co-founder, he helped deliver cutting-edge research using partial homomorphic encryption applied to network signatures, audited thousands of lines of code for security vulnerabilities, and created a variety of custom-designed binary applications each possessing intentional vulnerabilities that are used to test the efficacy of automated program analysis tools.

Nick has competed in and won several DEF CON Capture The Flag competitions as a member of Sk3wl of R00t.

Max Koo

Senior Backend Developer, Co-Founder

Max brings 9 years of experience in secure software engineering, vulnerability analysis, digital forensics, and reverse engineering. He has developed software for a wide range of platforms, from embedded microcontrollers to large distributed systems. He has experience in reverse engineering a variety of targets and performing threat analysis on malware samples.

While with Narf, he developed cutting-edge exploit mitigations including ELFbac, an ELF ABI-aware memory protection scheme for Linux presented at Black Hat 2016. He also has developed custom tools for large-scale program analysis and vulnerability discovery which run on distributed systems.

He has participated in a number of CTF competitions, typically as an individual.

Max holds a BSc in Computer Science and a BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Adrian Escude


Adrian brings 10 years of experience in data driven Marketing, Product Management and Market Research working and consulting for Fortune 100 companies, professional services firms and startups across diverse industries.

At BusinessOnline, a B2B Digital Marketing Agency, Adrian led the Market Intelligence department and Marketing Analytics consulting engagements with companies such as General Electric, HP, Siemens, Lenovo and Honeywell. Adrian was recently awarded as the “Agency Professional of the Year” by SDX, the oldest Marketing association in San Diego, California.

Prior to Business Online, Adrian worked for Sony Electronics, where he managed the computer and tablet business for five countries in Latin America, where he consistently increased sales, profit margins and market share.

Adrian has also worked as a consultant for Monster Cable and Deloitte, has a MBA from the University of San Francisco and a BBA from IQS University (Barcelona, Spain).

Bill Fehr

VP of Growth & Partnership

Bill brings 23 years of experience in helping startups grow fast. He is a business development and marketing expert who is practiced at designing user focused adoption strategies, selling technical services to large and small companies as well as building and leading effective marketing and sales teams.

Most recently, Bill was Director of Growth & Partnerships at Digital Telepathy, which was acquired by ServiceNow.

Bill has a proven track record of closing deals from 10k to 1+ million. He co-founded, built and managed a 42 person UX interactive agency running major development programs for clients such as Cisco, Logitech, Cartus, Adaptec and KPMG.

Bill has been a founder and cofounder of three startups prior to PolySwarm.

Evelyn Hytopoulos

Chief Economist and Data Scientist

Evelyn brings substantial experience in advanced statistical, econometric, and predictive analytics, impact evaluation, international business, public economics, and project design.

Having worked across four continents for private and public sector organizations both small and large, Evelyn has a track record of using technically rigorous econometric evaluations to enable business growth, process optimization, increased value for money, market development, and much more through data-driven decision-making. Projects that Evelyn has worked on range in value from $500k to $400+ million.

Evelyn holds a BA in Economics from U.C. Berkeley and an MPA in Public and Economic Policy from the London School of Economics.

Jessica Thiefels

VP of Community Management

Jessica brings 10 years of experience working and consulting in digital marketing, community management and content creation and has worked for a wide range of organizations including small startups and worldwide brands.

Her data-driven approach to content and social media helped her build an online brand for Learn2Earn, a small but growing education startup in San Diego, where she was a one-woman marketing team as the Director of Social Outreach. She took their blog from 0 to 180K monthly PVs in 1.5 years, while expanding their social media following from 3K to 20K, and growing.

You can find her work on more than 500 websites worldwide and some of her favorite pieces can be found on publications like Virgin, Forbes, Business Insider, and Business2Community. She's also a regular expert contributor for a variety of business blogs, including GoDaddy, BlueHost and Manta.

Prior to Learn2Earn, Jessica was an Associate Online Editor for Active.com, and her first job in San Diego was as a Copywriter and Editor for Business.com.

Jessica holds a B.A. in English, and is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

PolySwarm is fortunate to be represented by the legal team at Goodwin Procter LLP who are globally-recognized for their expertise in the financial and technology industries.