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The PolySwarm marketplace

PolySwarm is an open source marketplace where security experts and antivirus companies compete and get paid to accurately detect threats. PolySwarm’s mission is to accelerate the expansion of threat detection coverage by lowering barriers of participation for specialized expertise and economically rewarding early, accurate malware detection.

Introducing Bug Threat Bounty Programs

Crowdsourced malware detection on files, urls and network traffic. Unlike a traditional bug bounty, threat bounties are automated, and performed by what we call "microengines": anti-malware tools and software authored by individual experts and security teams.

Enterprises and MSSPs submit, via API, millions of suspicious artifacts, daily, to PolySwarm’s marketplace.

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Microengines scan all artifacts and provide assertions (malicious or benign) on those that fall within their expertise. They put their money where their mouth is: along with their prediction, they are required to stake tokens to signal their level of confidence behind that assertion.

As seen in Engine D, engines are not required to assert on all artifacts and can "pass" when uncertain or outside their expertise.

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Once the Microengines have reached a verdict, all assertions are funneled back to the customer.

enterprise verdict

The consensus verdict of the network, malicious or benign, is passed back to the customer.

mssp verdict
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In one to two weeks the PolySwarm protocol converges on ground truth for that decision.

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Engines that made the right assertion are proportionally rewarded (to the amount staked) with the tokens staked by the engines that were wrong plus a portion of the enterprise subscription fees.


Incentives to participate

Generate passive income

Threat detection is automated, performed by an algorithm or small piece of antivirus software; a "microengine" built and tuned by you, a security expert. Earn tokens while you sleep. Tune and optimize your engine as needed.

Access to a vast market

Access a unique and constant stream of samples to continuously test and improve your solutions in a real-world environment. PolySwarm gives you the R&D edge in a cost-efficient way.

Privacy and IP ownership

Your microengine, the associated IP and the underlying code is yours to keep. PolySwarm supports anonymous participation, only an Ethereum address is required.

A meritocracy that levels the playing field

No language barriers or marketing beauty contests to win. Rewards are based entirely on accuracy of threat detection, nothing more.

Transparency and private communities

Every microengine’s track record is stored on a public ledger and visible by anyone. Your reputation is your performance, build it up and get direct invitations to join private communities.


Ready to go?

Get started with a brief introduction and instructions on how to build a microengine in few easy steps.