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DarkReading features PolySwarm CTO Paul Makowski

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Join a global swarm of hackers competing to protect the world

Polyswarm is a crowdsourced threat intelligence marketplace that rewards experts who accurately detect malware.

Generate passive income

Unlike traditional bug bounty programs, threat detection is automated, performed by an algorithm or small piece of antivirus software; a "microengine" built and tuned by you, a security expert. Earn tokens while you sleep. Tune and optimize your engine as needed.


Challenge your security expertise

Compete and benchmark yourself against other experts. Check our live Leaderboard with performance data from the best. Build reputation, gain status, get invited to private programs, and receive direct ‘offers’ from enterprises.


Be part of the solution

Join us in our mission to protect others and making the internet a safer place. Polyswarm’s disruptive, open and crowdsourced marketplace powered by blockchain technology aims to revert the existing economic incentives in the market.


Learn cutting-edge blockchain skills

Decentralized storage, humanless authentication, transparency, and traceability make blockchain technology especially applicable to cybersecurity. Learn valuable, in-demand blockchain skills and apply them to your field, get an edge, and become an early adopter!


Get paid to build software that detects malware!

Are you a hacker, data scientist, or problem solver?

Our partners

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Our conference schedule

Visit PolySwarm at these events to learn about the platform, meet the team, and talk everything blockchain and cybersecurity.

Ready to get started?

Learn how to build your first microengine.