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Bug Bounty


We’re Information Security people, so we know bugs happen. More importantly, we know that we’re not above making them. During Alpha and Beta development, we’ll offer a bug bounty program to the world. Details are being decided now, stay tuned!

Professional Audit


Bug bounties are great, but they’re no substitute for a professional audit. We want to ensure that the PolySwarm we develop is robust and will best serve the community - not greedy hackers.

To this end, we’ve enlisted the help of Trail of Bits—a high-end information security company on the forefront of Ethereum / EVM audits. Trail of Bits has been developing an impressive array of internal tooling for a number of private audits, including an EVM symbolic emulator, a graphical EVM disassembler, a suite of static analyses applied to Solidity ASTs and a property-based tester of EVM bytecode.

PolySwarm is happy to be the first public example of Trail of Bits’ prowess in this space.