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PolySwarm will gradually introduce new opportunities for Ambassador, Expert, and Enterprise interactions.

As always, please refer to our Whitepaper for full details. Roadmap dates are all anticipated and subject to change, given the nature of software development.

V0.1 Alpha (30 April 2018)

PolySwarm Alpha will deliver a minimum viable product (MVP) that implements an end-to-end Bounty workflow. The chief goal with Alpha is to allow Ambassadors and Experts to test transactions on a PolySwarm test network (“testnet”) to provide early feedback and bug reports.

We anticipate that PolySwarm Alpha will deliver the following:

  • Bounty Manager: a collection of contracts for assessing threat via Bounties
  • Artifact posting and retrieval to / from off-PolySwarm storage
  • Prototype algorithm for Arbiter selection
  • Reference implementations for Bounty publishing, Assertion response, and Arbiter ground truth determination

V0.2 Beta (31 May 2018)

PolySwarm Beta will focus on delivering PolySwarm Offer support over Raiden-style Channels established directly between Ambassadors and Experts. Channel Open, Close and settlement will occur on the PolySwarm test network (“testnet”). We will seek bug reports and feedback on this new mechanism from early testers.

We anticipate PolySwarm Beta will deliver the following:

  • Offer Channels
    • Distributed Channel Establishment
    • Multiple offers via single channel
    • NCT settlement at Channel Close
  • Reference implementation for Offer production and response

V0.3 Gamma (31 July 2018)

PolySwarm Gamma will focus on providing matchmaking features that facilitate collaboration between Ambassadors, Experts, and Arbiters. Experts will be able to encapsulate their expertise into Workers tuned to specific types of Artifact. We expect Experts to be able to advertise these Workers in a PolySwarm Registry. This Worker Registry should allow Ambassadors to engage with Workers in a risk-free manner prior to the Stable release (Gamma will continue to utilize the PolySwarm testnet).

Additionally, this release will consider enhancing and extending the Bounty instrument in light of Alpha and Beta feedback and experience. As one example, we anticipate that Bounties will benefit from the ability to solicit Assertions that are kept confidential from other Experts and revealed only after the Assertion deadline. Depending on the level of user interest at this phase, this is a feature we will either explore during Gamma or defer to a later milestone.

We anticipate PolySwarm Gamma will deliver the following and be feature complete:

  • Worker Description Language (WDL) describing artifact analysis capabilities and Expert authorship attribution (for reputation)
  • Distributed, searchable, registry of Workers and their capabilities.
  • Confidentiality for pre-deadline Bounty Assertions
  • Finalize Arbiter selection, response, and end-to-end Bounty feedback loop

PolySwarm 1.0 (Q4 2018)

PolySwarm Stable will focus on eliminating bugs in PolySwarm Gamma prior to migration from the PolySwarm testnet (test tokens) to the operational PolySwarm.

As a stretch goal and as time / funding allows, Stable may introduce first-class Artifact confidentiality via a limited-audience Bounty.

PolySwarm 2.0 (Q2 2019)

PolySwarm’s second stable release currently will have two main goals: (1) expanding Offers and Bounties to handle a wider range of Artifact types (e.g. URLs and Network streams) and (2) easing Swarm utilization for the Enterprise and Home User.

Artifact type expansion in future PolySwarm releases should make it possible to handle, for example, automated phishing detection by placing Bounties and Offers directly on URLs and hosted content.

Extending PolySwarm’s protections directly to the endpoint will be a priority for post-Stable development. We anticipate developing an Open Source reference implementation of an Endpoint protection suite which automatically blocks malicious artifacts based on PolySwarm’s intelligence. We see this open agent framework as a key to widespread adoption.

Future Features

PolySwarm’s future releases will mirror the evolving threat landscape and real-world usage of the network. We see several opportunities, contingent on observed PolySwarm usage, for the following features to benefit the network:

  • Flexible Artifact Confidentiality
    • Basic: Artifacts selectively disclosed to Experts or SaaS providers
    • Advanced: Artifacts never revealed to anyone outside of SGX enclaves of fully homomorphic engines
  • New Instruments (e.g. subscription-ready threat feeds)
  • Deployment support for endpoint-resident Worker containers that supplant today’s endpoint protection suites