IKARUS Security Software Partners with PolySwarm to Advance Early Malware Detection

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO - October 30, 2018 - PolySwarm, the industry’s first decentralized threat intelligence marketplace, announced today its partnership with IKARUS Security Software to advance its early malware detection capabilities.

IKARUS, an Austrian pioneer of antivirus solutions, will assist PolySwarm in its efforts to expand its growing network of antivirus vendors and developers by uploading IKARUS’ engine into PolySwarm’s marketplace.

“The way PolySwarm compensates security companies for successfully detecting potential threats will pave the way to a new era in threat detection,” said Mario Bono, head of the malware lab at IKARUS. “The ability to access a vast stream of new malware samples that improve our products coupled with the ability to generate passive income is what drew us to PolySwarm’s marketplace.”

“IKARUS is a world leader in reinforcing and defending against malware, as it invests around 65 percent of the total turnover in software research and development in this space,” said PolySwarm CEO Steve Bassi. “Their commitment to continually finding new approaches and solutions to protect against the explosive growth of threats will help broaden our ability to identify issues across an ever-growing network of internet-connected devices.”


PolySwarm is the first decentralized marketplace allowing security experts to build anti-malware engines that compete to protect consumers. PolySwarm incentivizes a global community of security experts and antivirus companies to disrupt the $8.5 billion cyber threat intelligence industry, providing enterprises and consumers with unprecedented speed and accuracy in threat detection. The PolySwarm market runs on Nectar (NCT), an ERC20-compatible utility token. For more information, please visit PolySwarm.io.


Thanks to the self-developed core technology of the IKARUS scan.engine, IKARUS Security Software has grown to a global player since its foundation in 1986. By now, IKARUS is able and willing to measure up with the leading suppliers of security software worldwide.

As one of the longest serving security provider, IKARUS has established various relevant strategic partnerships in technology, research, and education, allowing for exchanging know-how and complementing its product range with specific add-ons. IKARUS offers easy to use efficient security solutions for home users, comprehensive security packages and services for the protection of complex enterprise networks – available on-premise, as a service or OEM-solution.

IKARUS Security Software protects effectively against viruses, trojans, spyware, spam, and malware that threaten the security of your devices and data. With the detection performance of an international top performer and the mobility of an SME, IKARUS is successfully perceived as a niche player.

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