Caleb Fenton Joins PolySwarm Network to Advance Early Malware Detection

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO - October 16, 2018 - PolySwarm, the cybersecurity industry’s first decentralized threat intelligence marketplace, announced today its partnership with Caleb Fenton to advance its early malware detection capabilities. Fenton will integrate his extensive malware detection and antivirus intelligence into the marketplace.

Fenton is a well-known leader in cybersecurity research, working as a security researcher at SentinelOne, where he leads the Research and Innovation team. He focuses on static analysis, deobfuscation and machine learning-based malware detection.

“PolySwarm is poised to benefit from two big trends in technology: cryptocurrency and machine learning,” said Caleb Fenton. “Cryptocurrency enables global, decentralized and programmable payments, and machine learning enables an individual or small groups of researchers to build high-quality malware detection systems. I love that PolySwarm is creating a prediction market for malware detection; as history has shown, market forces and wisdom of the crowds can be a powerful truth discovery mechanism.”

When it comes to PolySwarm’s mission of making the internet a safer place, expanding the marketplace to include additional micro-engines led by passionate people is key to successful growth. Polyswarm’s disruptive, open and crowdsourced system is the perfect place for cyber experts like Caleb to spin up powerful micro-engines.

“Caleb will make an excellent addition to the expanding team of experts in the PolySwarm decentralized threat intelligence marketplace,” said Steve Bassi, PolySwarm CEO. “The growing number of expert security engines in the PolySwarm network helps ensure enterprises that their data ecosystems are properly fortified against advancing and evolving threats, and Caleb’s expertise will bolster PolySwarm’s ability to protect end users.”


PolySwarm is the first decentralized marketplace allowing security experts to build anti-malware engines that compete to protect consumers. PolySwarm incentivizes a global community of information security experts to disrupt the $8.5 billion cyber threat intelligence industry, providing enterprises and consumers with unprecedented speed and accuracy in threat detection. The PolySwarm market runs on Nectar (NCT), an ERC20-compatible utility token. For more information, please visit PolySwarm.io.

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