The threat intelligence market is forecasted to grow to 14 billion by 2020 worldwide, and PolySwarm’s decentralized security marketplace will be supported by security experts who see the need for change in the industry.

Mark TonnesenPuerto Rico - PolySwarm is excited to announce the newest addition to their adviser board, former CIO of McAfee, Mark Tonnesen. He joins PolySwarm’s growing list of advisers, including the world-renowned information security experts Dan Guido, Chris Eagle, Dr. Sergey Bratus and Carl Hoffman.

Mark augments PolySwarm’s advisership, offering decades of experience leading marquee and highly innovative technology companies, serving as VP at Cisco, VP & CIO at Logitech, SVP & CIO at Electronic Arts (EA) and SVP & CIO of McAfee, among others.

Prior to these leadership roles in the private sector, Mark served as a Senior Adviser to the US Department of Homeland Security from 2001-2003 and was instrumental in its formation.

Tonnesen is excited to help PolySwarm’s team reach the next level, even more so after spending time reviewing their efforts thus far and meeting other important players in the space:

“I’m excited to be working with PolySwarm because they’re uniquely addressing an important issue in cyber security. Their approach is potentially disruptive and is much-needed in the industry, and I’m thrilled to be working so closely with their team,” says Tonnesen.

The PolySwarm team is just as excited to have Mark on board in this advisory position, “We’re thrilled to have Mark on the PolySwarm team. Mark’s substantial experience, particularly in the threat intelligence space, will help us take PolySwarm from concept to completion - unlocking latent security expertise and fostering a vibrant marketplace for tomorrow’s threat intelligence.,” says Steve Bassi, CEO and Co-Founder of PolySwarm.

PolySwarm is launching their ICO for Nectar, a utility token that powers PolySwarm, on Feb. 20, 2018. You can learn more about their token and the ICO at PolySwarm.io.

About PolySwarm

PolySwarm is the first decentralized marketplace where hackers build anti-malware engines that compete to protect you. Think Bitcoin, but instead of mining, a global community of anti-malware experts converge and work together to best detect today’s threats. In doing so, PolySwarm incentivizes rapid innovation in the $8.5B/yr cyber threat intelligence space with precise economic instruments that reward a global community of security experts for timely and accurate malware identification.

Today’s anti virus and cyber security market is dominated by single-vendor offerings which often miss emerging threats. PolySwarm brings enterprises, consumers, vendors and geographically-diverse security experts together into a single marketplace for more complete threat detection. Experts craft and maintain competing software “micro-engines” that quickly identify the latest threats, attempting to outperform their competition. PolySwarm’s “Proof of Work” is threat detection accuracy: the market rewards experts who are best able to defend enterprises and end users.

PolySwarm is developed by PolySwarm Pte. Ltd. with funding derived from the sale of ERC20-compatible PolySwarm Nectar (“NCT”) utility tokens. Our team brings decades of cyber security expertise to PolySwarm and has been deeply involved prototyping smart contract and deep cyber security solutions for the likes of DHS and DARPA.

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