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マルウェア検出ソフトウェアを作成 して報酬を得ましょう

If you have a great idea for how to identify malware, the PolySwarm grant program will help you make it into a functioning microengine!


PolySwarm 助成制度

We’re granting $5,000+, per-project, to develop software microengines with one mission: automated detection of malware submitted to the PolySwarm marketplace. Malware can appear anywhere: files, URLs, or web pages, but it’s up to you to choose your focus.


What's a microengine?

A microengine is a piece of software that automates the detection of malware. They are the power behind the PolySwarm marketplace.

microengines can specialize in specific families of malware or in identifying sketchy files in a narrow context (think EvilPdfFlagger.exe). Just be better than the status quo.


簡単な応募フォームに記入し、アイデアをお送りください。影響力、実現性、PolySwarm マーケットの目標との合致度を基準として、いただいたアイデアを弊社の技術チームで慎重に審査いたします。


A critical mass of microengines in the PolySwarm market will help protect users from new/emergent malware. Grant winning developers keep their IP but promise to run their microengine on the PolySwarm marketplace. We’d love to see your source code and talk about it, but that’s not required.


After initial development, your microengine runs autonomously, hunting for malware and earning tokens while you sleep. Just tune and optimize your engine to keep it relevant.


PolySwarm 助成制度にご応募ください