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Hacker? Data Scientist? Problem Solver?


About Us

Polyswarm is a crowdsourced threat intelligence marketplace that rewards people who build software for detecting malware.

If you have a great idea for how to identify malware, we want to help you make it into a functioning micro-engine!

Get Funded

We’re granting $5,000+, per-project, to develop software micro-engines with one mission: automated detection of malware in submissions to the PolySwarm marketplace. Malware can appear anywhere: files, URLs, or web pages, but you choose your focus.

Micro-engines can specialize in specific families of malware or in identifying sketchy files in a narrow context (think EvilPdfFlagger.exe). Just be better than the status quo.

The Catch?

A critical mass of micro-engines in the PolySwarm market will help protect users from new/emergent malware. Grant winning developers keep their IP but promise to run their micro-engine on the PolySwarm marketplace. We’d love to see your source code and talk about it, but that’s not required.

The Future Carrot?

After initial development, your micro-engine runs autonomously, hunting for malware and earning tokens while you sleep. Just tune and optimize your engine to keep it relevant.