Free Nectar for Malware Bounty Program Rules


The malware bounty program runs from January 23, 2018 until the funding cap is reached.


A maximum of $300,000 USD will be awarded during the bounty program. A maximum of $6,250 USD will be awarded each day. Rewards for participants will be in the form of PolySwarm’s Nectar (NCT) tokens. The Bounty Program page will provide an accounting of tokens earned. Participants will receive their Nectar tokens after the token sale closes and the Nectar tokens have been created.


Each user is able to submit a single file per day by providing an IPFS link. This IPFS link must point directly to a file - it cannot point to a directory. If you plan to host the file on your own IPFS node, please ensure that your node is externally accessible (e.g. isn’t behind a NAT). For more information on IPFS, please visit:

Only the first 5 files per malware family will be rewarded with Nectar. The Contest page will name the malware families for which the quota has filled and no further Nectar will be rewarded.

Nectar is rewarded for malware samples that meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • a. are unique IPFS URIs compared to all other samples ever submitted,
  • b. are detected by ClamAV,
  • c. belong to a malware family for which there have been no more than 4 previous submissions.

The amount of Nectar rewarded for a submission will be tiered in order of submission within its malware family, as follows:

  • a. 1st submission in malware family - 150 NCT (Approx $5 USD)
  • b. 2nd submission - 145 NCT
  • c. 3rd submission - 140 NCT
  • d. 4th submission - 135 NCT
  • e. 5th submission - 130 NCT
  • f. 6th to nth submissions - 0 NCT

Each day a bonus malware family will be named on the PolySwarm Telegram channel. The reward levels for files submitted in the bonus family will be as follows:

  • a. 1st submission - 300 NCT (Approx $10 USD)
  • b. 2nd submission - 290 NCT
  • c. 3rd submission - 280 NCT
  • d. 4th submission - 270 NCT
  • e. 5th submission - 260 NCT
  • f. 6th to nth submissions - 0 NCT