The first decentralized antivirus marketplace.

*Bonus levels are based on USD value of total ETH received


Public Sale Starts February 20
Public Sale Ends March 22
37,604 NCT/ETH 20% Bonus 1
34,471 NCT/ETH 10% Bonus 2
32,904 NCT/ETH 5% Bonus 3
31,337 NCT/ETH 0% Bonus 4

Level 1 (Minimum Funding)


  • Core PolySwarm functionality: Bounties & Offers
  • Reference library for pushing artifacts & pulling assertions
  • Reference worker (autonomous Expert) that interacts with contracts
  • Reference reputation tracking & tooling
  • Hosted web interface & API for artifact PolySwarming during development; functions as a free "faucet" to encourage adoption prior to stable release. Faucet will be funded either by Swarm Technologies' Nectar (NCT) reserve or utilize a pre-stable NCT variant that the stable release will refuse at accept.
  • Referral system: referral codes will be issued based on activity with referrer and referee obtaining bonuses paid from Swarm Technologies’ NCT reserve
  • Documentation


  • Engage with the LangSec community to encourage development of “safe” parsers for common file-types likely to be PolySwarmed. Provide aggregate data points such as incidence of different file types being PolySwarmed.

Communications & Marketing

  • Continue handling communications internally.

Legal Services

  • Hire legal services as needed.

Business Development

  • The existing Swarm Technologies, Inc. Team, will manage all non-technical efforts.
  • Continue engaging a part-time Mandarin consultant to translate materials, documentation, etc as needed.
  • Negotiate with maintainers of freely available threat feeds for PolySwarm intelligence inclusion (e.g. Google’s Safe Browsing & Microsoft’s SmartScreen


  • Produce a series of simple online tutorials, licensed Creative Commons.
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Level 2

    Level 2 includes all deliverables from Level 1


    • Mobile app for tracking bounties & results
    • Dynamic analysis support: URL scanning (dynamic analysis exploit / payload detection), integration with Cuckoo sandbox
    • Chrome browser plugin for PolySwarming webmail attachments
    • Exchange server plugin for PolySwarming attachments
    • Reference Windows agent that monitors and PolySwarms the user's downloads folder
    • Distributed storage integration & artifact archiving (e.g. IPFS)


    • Offer public bounties and competitions for open-source, LangSec-compliant parsers for frequently malicious filetypes.
    • Fund development of LangSec “safe” parsers by LangSec maintainers for file formats likely to be PolySwarmed. Open source these parsers, encourage adoption by Experts.

    Communications & Marketing

    • Hire a communications consultancy.
    • Host and / or organize local PolySwarm meetups in target-rich markets (e.g. SF / Bay Area, Boston, Austin, Switzerland, Eastern Europe and Asia.
    • Place sponsored articles and press in online magazines encouraging PolySwarm adoption and familiarizing the public with smart contract-based markets.

    Legal Services

    • Hire legal services as needed.

    Business Development

    • Hire a dedicated management consultant to assist in interfacing with vendors and service providers.
    • Hire a dedicated English-language community manager.
    • Continue engaging a part-time Mandarin consultant to translate materials, documentation, etc as needed.
    • Negotiate with makers of Incident Response products concerning PolySwarm integration, cross-promotion & branding (e.g. Basis Technologies’ Cyber Triage)


    • Offer student grants for developing libraries, language bindings and Workers for the PolySwarm ecosystem, lowering the barrier to entry for Experts and Ambassadors
    • Partner with Insight Data Science to create a threat analysis curriculum.
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Level 3

    Level 3 includes all deliverables from Level 2


    • Confidential PolySwarming based on SGX or partial homomorphic encryption
    • Reference library of “safe” parsers for use by Experts (LangSec)
    • Reference implementation of an AV comparatives / VirusTotal comparison tool for reputation


    • Sponsor research and application of PHE, SGX and similar opaque computation tech to provide artifact confidentiality without loss of functionality.

    Communications & Marketing

    • Sponsor various InfoSec conferences to draw more Security Experts into the PolySwarm fold.
    • Sponsor “hackathons” at InfoSec conferences (e.g. a DEF CON) and PolySwarm meetups.

    Legal Services

    • Retain full time legal counsel.
    • Lobby municipalities, tribal and local governments to mandate that public threat intelligence solutions make use of PolySwarm to provide better return to the taxpayer.

    Business Development

    • Hire a dedicated management consultant to assist in interfacing with vendors and service providers.
    • Hire a dedicated English & Mandarin language community manager.
    • Negotiate with existing threat intelligence companies for PolySwarm integration (e.g. Antivirus, IDS, IPS, next-gen endpoint)
    • Negotiate with Microsoft for cross-promotional & branding opportunities by building confidential PolySwarm Bounty primitives on top of Microsoft’s SGX-enabled Azure instances
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Level 4 (Moonshot Funding)

    Level 4 includes all deliverables from Level 3


    • Open source / design “PolySwarm in a box” that complements existing IDS / IPS boxes, can be deployed inline to PolySwarm artifacts
    • Reference Android AV scanner that PolySwarms suspect Apps


    • Sponsor the LangSec workshop at IEEE S&P, offer public bounties for LangSec-compliant, “safe” parsers
    • Sponsor formal verification of LangSec parsers.

    Communications & Marketing

    • Host an annual PolySwarm conference (“SwarmCon”), engaging with Experts, Ambassadors and threat intelligence companies.

    Legal Services

    • Retain additional full time legal counsel.
    • Lobby municipalities and local governments to use formally verified smart contracts as a enforceable legal contract.

    Business Development

    • Hire a blend of junior & senior business development talent that specialize in most popular PolySwarm regions / languages, e.g. Americas, Europe, Asia.
    • Hire dedicated community managers along language / cultural segments, expanding beyond the Mandarin / China segment.
    • Negotiate with app stores for PolySwarm integration, cross-promotion & branding (e.g. Amazon, Baidu, F-Droid, Google, Apple)
    • Explore usage of PolySwarm-produced threat data as input to cyber insurance policies, reducing cost


    • Develop PolySwarm-based threat analysis courseware.
    • Create and open source the world’s first tokenized open access certification process.
    • CC-license all materials a la Stanford and MIT lectures
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Click each funding level's hexagonal icon for specifics concerning deliverables. All deliverables are cumulative.
* The 15% BONUS level is omitted. It provides the purchaser additional NCT, but does not trigger additional deliverables.

The Problem

billion industry (yearly)
$8 Billion Industry
Cost Cost

3 trillion-dollar in costs*

Cost Limited Coverage

70% of threats go undetected***

Cost Shortage and cost of IT Experts

3.5 Million cyber security expert’s jobs unfulfilled by 2021****

Cost Slow to react

Time to resolve attacks has risen 33%**

Cost Duplicative Coverage

Overlaps with competitors ”one size fits all” products for end consumers and enterprises

Cost Growing Problem

Cybercrime costs expected to double from 2015 to 2021 from 3 to 6 trillion dollars*

*Cybersecurity Ventures
**Ponemon Institute
***Merrill Lynch
PolySwarm Logo

Think Bitcoin, but instead of mining, a global community of anti-malware experts compete to best detect today’s threats.

PolySwarm incentivizes rapid innovation in the $8.5B/year cyber threat intelligence space with precise economic incentives that reward a global community of security experts for timely and accurate malware identification.

Broader coverage, higher accuracy
Custom Tailored

How We Compare

Antivirus* PolySwarm VirusTotal
Decentralized No Yes No
Crowdsourced No Yes Limited
Cost Per Artifact Medium Low High
Threat Coverage Limited Broad Limited
Output Capacity High High Medium
Real Time Analysis Low Low No
Speed to React Slow Fast N/A
Interoperable No Yes N/A
*Traditional signature-based antivirus.

All Star Team

The PolySwarm team is a group of respected security experts with decades of experience in the industry, working with cutting-edge blockchain-based identity management project for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), several projects on behalf of DARPA and Fortune 100 companies.

Steve Bassi
CEO, Developer, Founder

Founder of Narf Industries with clients ranging from DARPA to Fortune 500.

Paul Makowski
CTO, Developer, Co-Founder

Expert on vulnerability research and cryptography with extensive blockchain experience.

Ben Schmidt
Director of Product Security, Developer, Co-Founder

Ben has uncovered hundreds of vulnerabilities in widely-used products.

Nick Davis
COO, Developer, Co-Founder

Substantial experience leading enterprise teams in real-world, large-scale digital forensics.

Max Koo
Senior Backend Developer, Co-Founder

Experience in secure software engineering, vulnerability analysis, digital forensics, and reverse engineering.

Adrian Escude

Expert in marketing, digital analytics and product management for Fortune 100 companies.

Bill Fehr
VP of Growth & Partnership

A business development and marketing expert, practiced at selling technical services.

Evelyn Hytopoulos
Chief Economist and Data Scientist

Expert in economics, big data, and advanced analytics with international, cross-industry experience.

Jessica Thiefels
VP of Community Management

You can find her work on more than 500 websites worldwide including Virgin, Forbes and Business Insider.

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What are People Saying About PolySwarm?

“I’m thrilled to be working with PolySwarm because they’re uniquely addressing an important issue in cyber security”

Mark Tonesen
Former CIO, McAfee

"PolySwarm is one of the most interesting ICOs to me personally. I'm excited to help PolySwarm build and secure tomorrow's threat intelligence market."

Dan Guido
CEO of Trail of Bits

Token Sale Proceed Allocation

We envision that ETH derived from the sale of PolySwarm’s Nectar utility tokens (“NCT”) will be allocated in the following manner.

Protocol and Software Development
Office Expenses
Operational Overhead

Token Sale Details

20 February, 2018 19:00 UTC
22 March 2018 19:00 UTC
Hard Cap
$50,000,000 USD worth of NCT. Total quantity of NCT based on ETH/NCT exchange rate. ETH value to be fixed at start of sale.
Minimum Contribution
$100 USD worth of ETH
Exchange Rate
1 ETH = 31,337 NCT
Payment Method
Prohibited Participants
All US Citizens and US Residents and others as described in the Token Sale Agreement.