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The Freshest Malware Intelligence, Powered by the Swarm

Tap into PolySwarm’s next-generation malware intelligence marketplace and get better, fresher insight faster. Cut through extraneous data and noise to detect, analyze, and respond to critical threats before they make an impact.

With PolySwarm, you get:

  • Early detection of threats

  • Unique samples

  • Higher accuracy

  • PolyScore threat scoring which enables SOC automation

  • Unrivaled threat hunting

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Catch the Threats Others Miss

Our robust and growing network of threat detection engines deliver wide coverage against common threats. However, the real power comes from specialized engines with the ability to detect threats earlier and catch those emerging and rare threats that other engines often miss.

Common MalwareEmergent MalwareEmergent MalwareCommercial enginesoperate in the middleSpecialized enginesoperate on the edges

Specialized engines are niche and research-driven, often authored by independent, well known researchers and security teams, developing cutting-edge threat detection methods.

PolySwarm brings them together to cover the existing protection gaps and better protect enterprises against new threats.

Distribution of Malware

Common MalwareEmergent MalwareEmergent MalwareCommercial enginesoperate in the middleSpecialized enginesoperate on the edges

Performance-Based Rewards to Improve Accuracy

Our blockchain-powered backend rewards researchers based on the accuracy of the threats reported via our native Nectar (NCT) token. As a result, our engines fuel a first-of-its-kind marketplace that enables you to prioritize and scale your cybersecurity efforts with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Contextual Threat Scoring to Enable SOC Automation

Our proprietary threat scoring algorithm, PolyScore, rates the probability that a given file contains malware. It weights engines’ determinations based on previous performance, history with similar files confidence levels, and other indicators to produce a single, reliable score so you can:

  • Make faster, more accurate decisions

  • Reduce incident response escalations

  • Save MDR time and money

Cortex XSOAR

Threats Come From All Angles, Your Protection Should Too™

Additional features

  • Custom, geotargeted “PolyFeeds”

  • Flexible metadata searches

  • Unlimited YARA rulesets

  • Private communities for enhanced security

  • Dedicated customer success, support, and service

Use Cases

  • Investigation & incident response

  • Malware feeds

  • Data enrichment

  • SOC & security automation